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When we were new parents we logged every aspect of our new baby's life. Some family members mocked us, but for my husband and me it gave us a feeling of control -- as if by writing it down we could influence the outcome. In his song, "I'm Gonna Let It Go," Jason Gray sings of our desire to "control" things while God is patiently waiting for us to surrender to Him.

Through a quick look at the interchange between a prophet and a king, we can make some pretty profound conclusions.

On this episode I discuss:

  • Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture - this week's Bible Interaction Tool Exercises include:
    • Read in context
    • Remember that the people described in the Bible were REAL
    • Explore a topic
    • Consider the historical context
    • Utilize section headings
  • If I don’t surrender to God’s way, I’ll surrender to the consequences of not surrendering to God’s way
  • What leads to holding on to our own way over God's way
  • Historical context of the conversation between Jeremiah and Zedekiah in Jeremiah 38
  • Getting big-picture perspective by exploring the timeline in 2 Chronicles 36
  • Our choice is not merely to obey or not obey, but ultimately we choose the consequence
  • Examining our "it shall be well with you" options vs. our "death and terror for those you love" options
  • The necessity of listening to Godly counsel
  • Pushing the situation until "there is no remedy"


Additional Resources

This Week's Challenge

Read Jeremiah 36-39. As you are reading, remember that the men described here really lived. They had real personalities and tendencies. They had real choices and they suffered real consequences. To understand at least a limited timeline and historical context of King Zedekiah, read 2 Chronicles 36. Finally, remember if we don’t surrender to God’s way, we’ll be forced to surrender to the consequences of not surrendering to God’s way.

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